DAERA Ballykelly House


Main Contractor: Turkington Construction

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs appointed Turkington Construction to design & construct the new DAERA Headquarters, at the former Shackleton Barracks, Ballykelly.

J&S McKee Ltd are proud to have worked closely with Turkington Construction on this project undertaking all enabling works, ground works, reinforced concrete on this project, roadways and carparking areas. To reduce the impact to Ballykelly village and prevent disruption, we utilized an adjacent entrance into the site & programmed the work to ensure access/egress roads were formed close to completion.

Roles and responsibilities (including supply chain) were clearly defined from the outset and detailed to the Client and stakeholders to ensure smooth lines of communication and fast decision making.

Detailed programmes were closely monitored and updated, resulting in the successful phased handover of this exceptional project. The new 5175m² building currently accommodates 470 workstations.

The building has been designed to be an exemplar in accessibility & sustainability, designed to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ & being the new benchmark standard for Universal Accessibility.

This project was awarded the CEF Construction Excellence Commercial Project of the Year award, with judges commenting on the use of natural light, ventilation & internal space, along with the efficient management of significant changes during the pre-construction stage.

Site levelled 2
Site cleared
Site clearance
Site clearance 2
Levelling of site
Preparing basement 2
Preparing basement
Reinforced concrete to basement
Reinforced concrete walls being constructed
Liftshaft 3
Pouring concrete
Liftshaft 2
Liftshaft and structural steel
Liftshaft and steelframe
Liftshaft and base concreted
Inside the liftshaft 2
Inside the liftshaft
Replacing soil for landscaping
DAERA Ballykelly 1
Steelwork for external hard surfacing
Kerbing at carparks
Duct laying
Roadway construction
Roadway construction and lighting ducts
Completed roadway
Completed roadway and entrance to delievery yard
Entrance to delievery yard
Finished external view and reflection pool
External side view
External view